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10 Reasons Why Teaching Makes for a Great Career

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10 Reasons Why Teaching Makes for a Great Career

10 Reasons Why Teaching Makes for a Great Career

If you have ever considered a career in teaching, there are several potential motivators. There’s no doubt that Teaching can be a very challenging profession, but there are also numerous benefits. Below we’ve outlined the top ten.

1. No day is the same

Some people enjoy a job where they know exactly what they will be doing, yet for many the thought of repeating the same tasks every day can be boring and tedious. If you’re the type of person who would rather have a varied workload to avoid getting stuck in a rut, teaching may be right for you. Teaching naturally has built-in variety since you will work through various units, teach new topics, and of course, work with new children each year.

2. You’ll get to learn whilst you teach

As a Teacher not only do you get to share your existing knowledge, you get to learn too. There are many reasons for this, firstly a student might ask a question that illuminates something you had not considered, allowing you to see a topic in a completely new way. Secondly, the discussions that you’ll have with your students are bound to spark new ideas in yourself.

3.  The difference you make to pupils is visible.

Unlike many other professions where you may work in the background, as a teacher you’ll be at the forefront, able to see the visible changes in a pupil’s ability. This is extremely rewarding, as a pupil gains understanding you can know that you have had a positive impact on their life.

4. You can work wherever you want.

Teaching is a highly transferable skill. If you train and become a qualified teacher, you’ll be able to anywhere in the world. Whether it’s teaching English abroad or a specialised subject, you can work and travel at the same time.

5. You could benefit from flexible hours

If you have children, you will be on the same schedule. You will need to take care of prep work and lesson planning after the school day ends, but in many cases this can be done from home.

6. Holidays.

While they may not be the number reason to become a teacher, summer holidays are another great perk. Paid time off outside of the academic year is certainly a bonus for teachers.

7. You’re Futureproof.

Whilst some jobs could be replaced by technology in the future, there will always be a need for teachers.

8. Teaching is sociable.

You’ll work as part of a team with your colleagues, while interacting with students each day. Teachers also can become an integral part of the community as you will be getting to know parents and community members alike.

9.  You can inject personality into your work.

You are in charge of your classroom. You’ll be able to make decisions on what’s best for your students and follow your own lesson plans. You’ll need to stay within certain standards in your curriculum, but you have the opportunity to inject your own personality into your job.

10. It’s more than just a job.

Teaching offers far more than just money. You’ll have a satisfying career, knowing that you’ve made a difference in many lives. Through interacting with students and community members from a range of different backgrounds, you’ll gain greater understanding of your own society and be able to get creation

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