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6 Steps to Help you Pass a Job Interview.

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6 Steps to Help you Pass a Job Interview.


6 Steps to Help you Pass a Job Interview.


One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for a job interview is research the company. By researching the company you are able to show that you are serious about getting hired for the position. It is beneficial to know what the company do, their plans for the future and the requirements of the role you are applying for.

Learn some common interview questions.

You can never know for sure what an interviewer is going to ask you, however you should be prepared to answer common interview questions such as “Why should the company employ you?” “What would make you an asset to the company” “ How do you overcome challenges at work?”.

Ask smart questions of your own.

Think of some questions to ask the employer, by asking questions you are engaging with  them and it demonstrates that you are genuinely interested in working for them. Some common questions to ask are “What will I need to be successful here?” “Who will I collaborate with” “What are my main duties”  “Will I be able to develop with your company?”

Dress appropriately.

When going to the interview make sure you are dressed appropriately, first impressions are very important and you want to look presentable. A good starting point is to look for the dress code of the company on the website and make sure you follow it on the day of your interview.

Bring all necessary documentation with you.

Depending on the role you are applying for you may be required to bring documents with you such as your CV or portfolio. Whilst this is an easy step to follow it is very important since if you were meant to bring your CV and did not do so, you risk looking disorganised and unreliable.

Stay calm.

Whilst it can be difficult at times, it is very helpful if you can keep your nerves under control. If you are too nervous you will not be able to answer questions to the best of your ability.