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5 Tips to Progress in your Career

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5 Tips to Progress in your Career

5 Tips to Progress in your Career


You work hard every day, you turn up on time, you support your peers and you’re good at what you do but you still feel that something is missing. You would love to get ahead and be elevated in your position, but it just hasn’t happened for you yet. If this sounds familiar, it is now the time to start thinking about how to get considered for the next role or promotion. It’s time to leave your comfortable autopilot mode and embark on the journey to professional growth and development.


If you want to get ahead at work, go for it full throttle by applying these 5 tips;


  1. Make Your Intentions Known
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Be intentional with your boss! Make your supervisor aware of your goals and thoughts of how you can give more. Be well prepared, whether that means having a list of roles you aspire to, additional responsibilities you could take on or courses you have researched enrolling on. Your boss will be impressed with your initiative and take note of your desire to grow within the company. By making your intentions and future goals known, your boss will begin to assist you in ways to grow.


  1. Appearances Matter
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Often, we hear the phrase “dress to impress” and it really does help. Turn up in a freshly ironed outfit, hair tidy, smelling good and ready to take the day on! Arriving on time comes hand in hand with this, as you want to appear cool, calm and collected to show that you are serious about your role, not flustered, stressed and sweaty because you ran for the bus.


  1. Take Initiative
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Doing something before you’re asked because you saw the need demonstrates the ability to self-manage and shows your supervisor that you are seeing things through their eyes. If they no longer need to dictate what you are doing, they will be impressed!


  1. Stay Clued Up
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Read up on the latest industry news and follow the latest trends within your sector. It’s not about seeming like a know-it-all, but having the full scope means you will feel confident in conversation with those in a higher position and shows that you are a lot more invested in what you are doing. Eventually, this knowledge will push you forward as a clear leader amongst your peers.


  1. No More Negative Nelly
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Seems obvious, right? Talk positively about the company and your peers. If a task doesn’t sit well with you, speak about it in the right way rather than moaning about it to your desk buddy. Be easy to get along with and share your positive outlook, even with the more negative of your colleagues and this will be noted by the management team. Stay away from gossip and situations that could be compromising to your reputation.


Apply these 5 tips and good luck in elevating your career!