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How To Survive Blue Monday

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How To Survive Blue Monday

How to survive Blue Monday

Monday’s are notoriously the Everest of weekdays. Once you make it through Monday, you can make it through anything. Although, this Monday is the Mondayest Monday of the year – IT’S BLUE MONDAY!

In 2005, a life coach by the name of Cliff Arnall said that winter weather, post-Christmas debt and failed new-year’s resolutions all factor into why today will be the most depressing day of 2018. Despite the third Monday of January being dubbed the most depressing day of the year there’s no reason to panic. We have 10 tips to help you survive not just Blue Monday, but all Monday’s and any other days that may feel impossible to conquer.


1. Wake up!

Whether it’s with a morning coffee, a good breakfast or your favourite song on the commute to work, make sure you wake up and stay up. Meet the day with determination, wide eyes and bundles of energy!

2. Plan for the week ahead.

Take your mind off of the struggle of today by planning the successes of tomorrow. Make task lists to take you through to the end of the week and tick each off as you complete them. The sense of organisation and achievement will motivate even the Bluest of Mondays!

3. Fake it ‘til you make it!

Ever heard the phrase fake smiles make smiles? It’s true! Even if you don’t feel like it, paint on your best fake smile and it will become a real one in no time. The brain still reads the muscle movement and releases the same hormones which will increase your mood.

4. Treat yourself.

Your favourite snack, an indulgent lunch, a new work outfit – budget-permitting, a little treat can often bring a little lift to our day. The great news? January sales means everything is cheaper than usual so no need to break the bank for the feeling of luxury.

5. Be a do good-er.

Doing things for others will always make you feel good. Go on, help someone out! Besides, Karma will be watching so the favour will be repaid when you least expect it.

6. Make lists.

Briefly mentioned above in the context of planning the week, but why stop there? Make a list of your achievements so far, a bucket list, a list of goals, a list of travel destinations you’d like to visit… anything! Putting pen to paper drives the motivating force in all of us.

7. Dress for success.

Looking good often runs parallel with feeling good. Brush your hair, put on your favourite outfit and feel great. Something as small as wearing your favourite accessory can keep your spirits up all day.

8. Get moving.

The release of endorphins (feel good hormones) is increased when we are active. Take the stairs, walk when you can and feel the rush. Plus if your new year’s resolution was to go to the gym it’s a win win!

9. Eat Well

Unhealthy food choices are often associated with feelings of guilt, and referred to as “cheat meals”. Cheat nothing and treat your body to some clean fuel. Grab some blueberries, drink some green tea and own the day!

10. Stay connected

Social media can often feel like a place used for people to show how great they are or how bad their day has been – That is not the only purpose! You can connect with old friends and make new ones.

Breathe… Remember, there’s only ONE Blue Monday a year. Hope you made it through unscathed!