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Remedy Education | Supply Teachers Duck For Cover

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Remedy Education | Supply Teachers Duck For Cover

It is common knowledge that the supply teacher has a tough role – unfamiliar pupils, absent knowledge of usual challenges present in the classroom, rebellious students simulating the 1970’s Anarchists, only with paper planes, note-passing and behaviour replicative of animals in the wild stalking their prey. Most unenviable of all, supply teachers in their thousands are seeking out additional roles to make ends meet as the profession salaries are dwindling.

Many agencies have been found to be underpaying their Supply Teachers, sometimes up to £20 per day, which is leaving many teachers dumbfounded as to why they face the chaos of being the exploitable unknown in replacement of being the familiar part-of-the-furniture full time educator they trained to be. Almost all cover teachers started in a permanent position, with countless hours of lesson planning, marking and endless inset days and gave this up in favour of the lucrative salary and flexibility supply teaching promised. Fast forward to now and you have the same supply teachers who sought the greener grass embracing their teenage selves, delivering pizzas to ensure their rent is paid. The supply teachers are a valued and essential cog in the wheel of our education system which we simply cannot afford to lose.

As an agency that cares about their workers and the work-life balance they are striving to achieve, Remedy Recruitment Group always ensure supply teachers are paid in reflection of their challenges – the endless questioning by Eddie, the nose-picking inquisitive artist of distraction, the airspace invasion of 1000 paper aircrafts designed to destroy, Fiona the fibber providing elaborate excuses as to why Year 10 English Literature lessons finish 30 minutes before the rest of the school in such a manner that an Oscar simply wouldn’t be enough. We honour the supply, and we supply the adequate wage.

Supply Teachers, we salute you! If you would like any more information on any of our current vacancies, please contact our Education team on 0208 418 1390.