Banking crises, Austerity and then the Brexit vote. The recent years have not been an easy ride for the UK, and recent statistics are hinting at an even bigger problem on the horizon. Last July, 1,304 nurses registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, compared to a staggering 96% decrease of 46 in April… Read More

With Theresa May’s new cabinet assembled it has been confirmed Jeremy Hunt will remain the UK’s Health Secretary, and therefore the man in charge of ‘saving’ the NHS. On Sunday we saw Mr Hunt arrive at Downing Street to confirm he will remain in the post he has held since 2012. Hunt however did see… Read More

It is no secret the NHS are currently under enormous pressure from the financial restrictions and cuts they are facing nationwide. However more bad news looks to be on the horizon as NHS leaders are planning for ‘unthinkable’ measures such as closing services, stopping treatments and systematically extending waiting times due to the further cuts… Read More

Social work has increasingly become overwhelmed by new rules, regulations and processes, put in place to keep caseloads efficient, and outcomes rigid. However too often is social work becoming more and more of a process and less and less about the use of expertise, developed over a history of training and professional development, being built… Read More

Public concern over the NHS has rose in the past few months to its highest levels in 15 years according to an Ipsos Mori Poll carried out this month. 6 in 10 people have cited the health service as the most important issue facing Britain today – which brings the total to 61% from the… Read More

The conservative manifesto is out, and it has opened the can of worms that is – what is the future of Social care should Theresa May remain Prime Minister. In a nut shell, it seems more elderly people will have to pay for their own social care and will lose the universal benefits under a… Read More

In recent weeks nurses have become divided over the idea that emergency departments should have the power to be able to turn away patients in the face of rising number of attendances. During a discussion at the Royal College of Nursing’s annual congress in Liverpool this week, some nurses stated they believe accident and emeregency… Read More

The wearing of body cams by mental health nurses could soon be the norm, after researches found it could lead to a reduction in complaints, incidents and restraints and was welcomed by both nurses and patients. Such body worn cameras are currently used by the likes of the police, in which studies have indicated they… Read More

Nurses are set to stage a ‘summer of protest activity’ across the UK over pay the Royal College of Nursing has said. This statement comes in the wake of the unions April ballot, in which nurses were asked if they were prepared to go on strike. As a result they found 78% of their members… Read More

  Across the UK, councils have warned that social care services for vulnerable children are close to reaching breaking point, due to the funding shortfalls that are set to reach £2bn by the end of this decade. Local Government Association (LGA) have indicated that resources are being strained due to a rising demand in child… Read More