The Nursing and Midwifery Council – responsible for registering nurses before they can practise in the UK – have released figures that show that 35,363 nurses left the NHS between October 2016 and September 2017. The figures when coupled with the fact that only 27,786 new nurses registered during the same timeframe makes for an… Read More

The Institute for Teaching has been launched in a bid to provide bespoke training courses to teachers. Education secretary Justine Greening hopes that the institute will support and spread great teaching by providing training courses to teachers at any stage in their career. The government funding comes as part of the £75 million Teaching and… Read More

Russell Howard on  “The Russell Howard Hour” discussing the difficulties facing teachers. Howard, usually known for his stand up comedy and for being a panelist on Mock the Week took to his new show to highlight some of the struggles teachers are facing in the U.K. Using the kind of humor he has become known… Read More

Unions argue that the public sector pay cap is contributing to an ever growing recruitment and retention crisis in schools. Leaders are calling on the government to fund an immediate 5% pay rise for teaching staff in an attempt to halt a growing recruitment and retention crisis in schools. Writing to the education secretary, Justine… Read More

A sector has been given just 15 months to meet a back pay bill of over £400m and warns that there will be mass closures should the government not intervene. In an announcement on Wednesday, the government said that it would give care providers just 15 months to compensate all staff who were underpaid for… Read More

Recruiters are targeting engineering and science graduates to attract more male social workers who can help fathers keep in touch with their children. Social work graduate programmes are focusing current recruitment efforts on degree courses like economics and the sciences as well as approaching chess and rugby clubs in a bid to get more men… Read More

Meet Pepper – The Social Care Robot. Southend on Sea Council have purchased a humanoid robot to help their social care team. This may sound outrageous at first but in fact, Pepper is already being used in Belgium to guide patients to the correct hospital departments. Pepper is not even the first robot to be… Read More

The Labour party has said the current governments proposed ‘teacher’ apprenticeship will ‘not be a priority’ under Labour government because it does not address the issue of teachers leaving the profession, Shadow secretary of state for education, Angela Rayner has stated in a Teach First conference this week. Rayner added she was a strong supporter… Read More

This year we have seen events such as Grenfell Tower, London terror attacks and the Manchester bombings, highlight the bravery, hard work and passion of the front-line public sector workers. Scenes of nurses running out of hospitals and onto the streets of London to help the injured are just one of the signs these people… Read More

  With staffing levels in schools reaching critical levels, head teachers up and down the country are in need of new ways to recruit their staff. Recent surveys have found that 3 out of 10 teaching assistants are interested in potentially becoming teachers and the fact that nearly a third of teaching assistants hold a… Read More